Solutions for Water Analysis

Find the best ion chromatography analyzer for your samples.

Our water analyzers offer high sensitivity that expands your measurement range. This gives you the flexibility to report on levels previously too low to detect. The 10-year warranty on our chemical anion suppressor is possible because of its unique construction and complete chemical regeneration. Our suppressor is impervious to iron fouling which keeps your operation costs low and increases your uptime.

Measure key water analysis parameters like:

  • Basic Anions
  • Basic Cations
  • Disinfection byproducts
  • Organic Acids
  • Amines
  • Transition metals

Why Choose Metrohm IC?

We’re the fastest growing provider of ion chromatography instruments! Check out some of the reasons why you won’t regret choosing Metrohm. Our technology coupled with our best-in-class service and support makes sure that you get the most our of your water.

Chemical Suppression

Our state-of-the-art tri-chamber micro capillary chemical suppressor is continuously regenerated back to its original condition after each sample. It has the lowest noise of any suppressor in the market which directly translates to increased sensitivity.

• Lowest noise, <0.2nS/cm means increased sensitivity
• Fast start-up time
• Cannot be destroyed by back pressure

Inline Ultrafiltration

Save time and money by using Metrohm’s cross-sectional flow based inline ultrafiltration. The continuous flow under the filter prevents cake formation and extends the life of the filter. The ability to rise with ultrapure water minimizes the possibility of any carry-over.

• 200-300 samples using single 0.2 micron commercially available filter
• Carryover <0.1%
• Huge savings on consumables if using filter caps or syringe filters


Eluent Preparation

Our Eluent Production Module enables the automatic production of an eluent. It enables continuous working without manual intervention and guarantees stable retention times. It can be combined with all Metrohm IC instruments and is monitored by MagIC Net software.


In-Vial Dilution

The in-vial dilution capability frees up valuable analyst time while generating highly accurate data. Analyte concentrations over the calibration are associated with high levels of uncertainty. When you have to wait for the results and manually dilute and re-run the next day, you lose productivity. With in-vial dilution, no manual step is necessary.